8' Width Roll ---> Smaller spaces


Black & White Checkered Flooring Continuous Vinyl for TRAILER & SMALL ROOM Size- Price per running (linear) ft.


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Please note we have had a formulation change in this flooring a few years ago. If you are re-ordering to match flooring you ordered from a previous time, they may not perfectly match in texture.  Please order a sample to ensure you are receiving the exact product you need.  

HOW TO ORDER:  Push the ADD TO CART button then change your qty in the cart and press update.  Price is per running linear foot.  So, for example, if you need a roll 8' x 37' you will put your qty. in at 37 click UPDATE and the price will calculate 37 x $12.99 + shipping.


  • Black & white continuous vinyl urethane flooring
  • 8' wide roll.  We cut the 12' factory rolls down to accommodate FedEx Ground shipping, so it doesn't have to ship expensive freight. 
  • 9.75" square checkerboard pattern
  • Pure black and pure white color with no marbleizing colors
  • Not individual sticky squares, but full sheet vinyl urethane flooring
  • Priced per running linear ft. (example: You need 8' x 22' put your qty. in at 22)
  • See shipping prices below based on roll size MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE 8' goods shipping rate. Or see our SHIPPING tab at the top of our site.
  • Adhesive not included.  Available at most home improvement stores. Adhesive for PRESSURE SENSITIVE FIBERGLASS BACKING.  1 gallon of adhesive covers approximately 20 sq. yards. We also sell adhesive. Buy Adhesive
  • Industrial grade flooring.  Meaning a durable product for heavy use and traffic.  
  • No name brand.  Manufactured for us which keeps the pricing low without the branding costs.
  • Lower sheen finish.  Not too glossy, not too matte. 
  • If using a seam sealer, a FLEX SEAM sealer is recommended. If you cannot find that use a HIGH SHEEN seam sealer. We sell seam sealer.
  • If installing 2 or more pieces in your project please allow 1 extra foot of flooring per piece for pattern allowance.  
  • Tracking is only available after the 10th business day, in order to keep our overhead costs low and therefore passing the savings to you.   



FedEx or UPS Ground Shipping:

Shipping from our East Coast warehouse

  • 1'-19' = $49
  • 20'-23' =  $68
  • 24'-27' = $79
  • Oversize Category
  • 28'-30' = $99
  • 31'-60' = $125
  • 60' + call for freight pricing


Allow 7-10 business days to receive. No signature required.  Insurance included. Please call in any damage within 2 days and keep all original packaging.  



Flooring is 8' wide.  If your trailer for example, measures 8' x 22' and your ramp is 6' you will order 28' of flooring.  You will put change the quantity from 1 to 28 in your shopping cart. Then choose UPDATE.  If your laundry room measures 6' x 13' you will put 13 in your quantity and have some waste. 

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