12' Width Roll ---> Large spaces

Black & White Checkered Flooring Continuous Vinyl

Price per running (linear) ft.

Please note we have had a formulation change in this flooring in the past.  If you are re-ordering to match flooring you ordered from a previous time, they may not perfectly match in texture.  Please order a sample to ensure you are receiving the exact product you need.   

FREIGHT SHIPPING NOTE:  This item has to travel freight due it's large size.  Freight is more of a "trip" charge rather than weight charge.  The shipping price is often as much as the floor itself.  Please email us for a custom shipping quote before ordering if you want the exact shipping.  If the flooring ordered is significantly higher for shipping than you paid, we will give you a call to see if you'd like to keep the order.  Rarely rural areas can have surcharges that are not the norm.  Normally the shipping listed is accurate for the lower 48 United States.

You can call in your quote or email us at:    

805-479-8454 or

We will need the following info:

  1. Roll size  (12' x ?)
  2. City, State & Zip code
  3. Residential, business or terminal pick-up - (home based businesses do not qualify as a business zone). Terminal pick-ups and business addresses are the same shipping rate.
Shipping this flooring to a business address or picking up at a terminal near you will decrease the shipping rate. Choose our smaller width 8' goods to ship normal Ground.



  • Black & white continuous vinyl urethane flooring
  • 12' wide roll for large rooms or garages.  
  • 9.75"x 9.75" checkerboard checkered square pattern
  • Pure black and pure white color with no marbleizing colors
  • Not individual sticky squares, but full sheet vinyl flooring
  • Priced per linear ft. (example: You need a roll 12' x 22' put your qty. in at 22 and add to cart)
  • Freight shipping (oversized) can cost more than the actual flooring. Please email us for a shipping quote before ordering.
  • Adhesive not included. We sell adhesive/glue.  1 gallon of pressure sensitive adhesive for fiberglass backings covers approximately 20 sq. yards.
  • Commercial grade flooring.  Meaning a more durable product for heavy use and traffic.  
  • No name brand.  Manufactured for us which keeps the pricing low without the branding.
  • Medium sheen finish.  Not too glossy, not too matte. 
  • If using a seam sealer, a FLEX seam sealer is recommended. If you cannot find that use a HIGH SHEEN seam sealer.
  • If installing 2 or more pieces in your project please allow 1 extra foot of flooring per piece for pattern allowance.  
  • Tracking is only available after the 10th business day, in order to keep our overhead costs low and therefore passing the savings to you.   



Freight shipping please call or email for a custom quote:

(805)-479-8454  M-F 9am-5pm PST

Allow 7-10 business days to receive. No signature required.  Insurance included.



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Flooring is 12' wide.  If you need help measuring the correct size roll please email us your room dimensions, (not the square footage) to:  or  (805) 479-8454  M-F  9am-5pm PST


Example 1: Your garage measures 27' x 27'

You will need an 83' roll.  (12' x 83').  Your installer will install 3 pieces of 27' + 2' extra for pattern allowance = 83'

You will have 2 seams for this garage install.

Example 2:  Your kitchen measures 11' x 14'

You will need a 14' roll. (12'x14').  Your installer will install 1 piece of flooring 11'x14'.  Cutting off 1' 

You will have no seam for this kitchen install. 



M-F  9am-5pm PST

(805) 479-8454

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